Sean McConnell

“From a very young age, I just knew that I was gonna spend my life making music,” Sean McConnell states. “I never really questioned it, so I just forged ahead and didn’t let anything stop me.”

Although his self-titled new Rounder album will serve as his introduction to many listeners, the personable young artist is actually a seasoned, distinctive songwriter and an experienced performer with a quartet of D.I.Y. indie releases to his credit. Having built a substantial grass-roots fan base through tireless touring and old-fashioned hard work, McConnell is primed for a mainstream breakthrough.

Texas Music Throwdown is excited to add McConnell’s honest blend of songwriting and musicianship to our lineup for 2016. 

Scooter Brown Band

Scooter Brown Band have been ardent supporters of Texas Music Throwdown from the very beginning, and every time they take the stage at TMT, you can feel the energy level in the crowd start to build. We’re proud to welcome back SBB for another TMT performance and can’t say enough to thank them for their unwavering support of this great cause.